Self Assessment Tool - You are on your way to advancing patient safety!


This self-assessment is complementary to the recommendations and tactics presented in Safer Together: A National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety (National Action Plan) and the accompanying Implementation Resource Guide. The assessment is organized by the four interrelated foundational areas, described in the National Action Plan, for developing a total systems approach to advance patient safety: Culture, Leadership, and Governance; Patient and Family Engagement; Workforce Safety; and Learning System. The self-assessment questions represent a selection and synthesis of elements detailed in the complete National Action Plan and may, therefore, provide a partial representation of the current state of an organization’s patient safety efforts.

The self-assessment is primarily intended for health care delivery organizations to use as a tool for organizational learning and to track the progress of safety improvement efforts over time. The assessment is not meant to serve as a comprehensive review of an organization’s safety program or culture, nor is it intended for comparisons or benchmarking among organizations. Review the National Action Plan and Implementation Resource Guide for detailed recommendations.


Before beginning this self-assessment, it is recommended that you read Safer Together: A National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety (National Action Plan).

1. Establish an interdisciplinary team within the organization that will work together to implement the recommendations of the National Action Plan.

2. Organizations may complete this assessment tool as a team or choose to have team members review the information independently, and then come together to discuss their responses.

3. Once the assessment is complete and has been reviewed, the team develops an action plan for improvement, including the identification of roles and responsibilities.

4. The team then plans regular meetings or connection points for follow-up, review, and revisions to their action plan, as necessary.

Once you complete and submit the self-assessment you will be able to download your results report.  You are encouraged to return and re-assess your organizations progress on a regular basis.

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